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High-quality services at a reasonable cost

High-quality services at a reasonable cost is a fundamental principle of our company.
Be sure to contact us if any problem with your lock arises, be it a broken key or a key stuck in the keyhole or if the door swung shut and you unluckily have no key on you. West Cenrtal provides lock installation, replacement and lock manipulation as a focus area of company’s work. Locks replacement requires surgical precision, therefore we have only highly skilled locksmiths on our team, those who in no more than an hour can open or repair a lock. And it takes around 15 minutes for our locksmith to respond to a call.

Vast experience and professional qualifications

Only locksmiths with vast experience and high professional qualification can be employed in our company, we are very scrupulous about staff recruitment. You may rest assured that each and every of our specialist have all necessary skills. Our locksmiths have over 15 years of experience.

We will open any door without damage!

There may be such cases when an emergency lock opening is required. If you want your door to be opened with care and without damage to its canvas, our team will help you.

Quality assurance/quality control

You can be sure of our locks’ quality and security as we only deal with verified suppliers. We will provide you with a warranty on all the work performed, on locks installed and accessories.

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