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We operate throughout entire Bexley 24/7.

Urgent check-out

A broken lock usually requires urgent repairs, so we arrive in 20 minutes

10 years on the market

Our craftsmen were among the first in Bexley to start this activity

10,000+ opened safes and locks

Extensive experience helps us to understand all manufacturers of safes and locks quickly and clearly

Our services

You can find out the specific price for your case by phone

  • 1. Emergency opening of safes
  • 2. Making keys to your safe
  • 3. Transcoding of combination locks
  • 1. Emergency opening of doors, trunk or hood of a car
  • 2. Making keys for doors
  • 1. Emergency opening of apartment, office or house doors
  • 2. Making keys to the doors with you
  • 1. Replacement and repair of faulty locks
  • 2. We offer a wide range of locks, you don't have to buy anything extra
  • 1. Making duplicate keys for doors
  • 2. Selection and production of keys to your safe


Locksmith Bexley will help in an emergency at any time of the day. A master who comes to the call will professionally cope with the problem. Specialists have professional equipment in their arsenal in order to open the door without damage. We work around the clock. Contact us by phone and the locksmith will be with you within 20 minutes.


Our Bexley locksmith company will help open the door to individuals in need of assistance and organizations. Opening of locks and doors takes place upon presentation of the necessary documents for the object to be opened - this is necessary for your and our peace of mind. We do not violate the UK laws and work exclusively to help law-abiding residents of Bexley who find themselves in a difficult situation.


Can't open your front door lock, and it's night time outside? You do not have to wait for the morning; our service's locksmith will quickly arrive anywhere in Bexley and solve the problem. The entry can be gained without damaging the lock or door. We know the nuances of opening lever, cylindrical, electromechanical and electronic locking mechanisms, and can cope with models of 1-4 burglary resistance class. We recommend that you do not try to open the lock yourself - without using special tools, you can break the key or cylinder, which will entail additional costs.


The car doors were accidentally shut? Perhaps the keys are lost, or the battery is dead? Contact our emergency locksmith service. The master will arrive quickly at the specified address and promptly open the car in the safest way. The door lock and paintwork will not be damaged! We specialize in the emergency opening of locks and are familiar with the anti-theft systems of domestic and foreign manufacturers.

If you try to open the lock yourself, you will have to break glass or door mechanism. Repairing the damages could prove costly since the components come with a high price tag. The car door can be opened using a professional tool, in which case you do not have to carry out expensive repairs. The work of an auto locksmith takes only a few minutes. Turning to professionals for assistance is the simplest way to open a car. Our specialists work around the clock and drive out to any part of Bexley, so resolving your emergency will not take much time.


Loss of a code key, jammed lock and breakdown of electronics are the main reasons for calling emergency locksmith service. Do not risk the integrity and safety of the contents by trying to open the safe lock on your own. Entrust the opening of the door lock to a qualified locksmith. Having extensive experience in working with locking devices of the advanced security systems M-LOCKS and Cisa, we will carry out an emergency opening without leaving any damage or visible traces.

If you need to open the safe lock without a key, you should call us and indicate the address in Bexley. Our specialist will drive out to you immediately after receiving the call. In order to facilitate the process, it is recommended that you give information on the nature of malfunction, safe model and modification of the locking mechanism. Upon his arrival, the specialist will first make sure that the opening is legal. Then, he will assess the complexity of work and the cost of consumables required to open the safe. After that, he will quickly complete the assigned tasks.

You don't have to purchase a new safe if you turn to us for assistance. We are well versed in various locking systems. Our crew professionally approaches the task of opening safes, which guarantees their serviceability and the possibility of further use. It is simply an art to open any safe, regardless of the complexity of the locking device. Emergency opening of safe locks should only be entrusted to professionals. If necessary, we can repair or install new locks on the same visit.


Almost every one of us has come across the emergency opening of doors. Some people try to solve the problem on their own with the help of a homemade master key. However, the result is not guaranteed, and the door might have to be changed after such an attempt. Our locksmith crew will help you get into the house, regardless of the complexity of the lock.


Faced with a lockout, many people do not pay attention to the reputation and professionalism of the specialists and choose the first available option. Such a decision can lead to unpleasant consequences in the form of damage to the door, high prices for services and a long wait for the locksmith. Our service offers the following advantages over competitors:

  • Preservation of property – use of highly specialized tools and strict adherence to a set of standard rules allow us to save locks and doors.
  • Convenience – our services in Bexley are available 24/7, including holidays.
  • Minimum financial costs – streamlined business conduct makes it possible to keep our service prices at some of the lowest among competing companies in Bexley.
  • Fast order execution – it only takes 20 minutes at most for the locksmith to arrive, and the opening procedure itself takes about 15 minutes depending on the complexity.
  • Professional service - the specialists of our company can provide assistance in installing a new lock after an emergency opening.
Which manufacturers of safes and locks do we work with?
Aiko, Novetek, Safe 50, Crosna, Topaz, Trezor, Kaso, Valberg, ONIX, Diplomat, Sentry, Safeguard, Glory, Bordogna, Technomax, SAFEtronics, Torex, Oldi, Eagle safes, Juwel, Gardall, Stuv, S&G, Bisley, Yangel Safe and other
Mul-T-Lock, Cisa, Evva, Abloy, Kale Kilit, Tesa, Perco, Mottura, Abus, Titan, Border, Меттэм, Viatec, Abloy Oy, Dom Group, Cerber Apecs, Омега, Агат, Керберос and other
Required documents
We comply with the law, therefore we only perform work if we have documents
log_Монтажная область 20
Passport or driver's license (if it is a car opening)
For all types of opening locks and safes
Registration certificate or lease agreement
For opening an apartment, house or office
Vehicle passport or general power of attorney
For opening a car
What to do if the lock breaks
Do not panic, do not try to open the lock yourself and call the master

A locked safe is always an unexpected and stressful situation. We understand this, therefore we carry out our work quickly and efficiently so that this problem gives you a minimum of trouble. If you cannot open the lock yourself, do not try to open it yourself, this can damage it and aggravate the situation.

When you choose a master to open a lock or safe, pay attention to the cost of services. Often, inexperienced specialists indicate low prices to attract customers and, as a result, can ruin your lock or safe by careless opening, which will lead to the need to buy a new one. We do not use traumatic equipment and will open locks without damage.

Please note that we provide services for opening locks and safes only in case of availability of documents for the property or a power of attorney
Our partners
The quality of our work can be confirmed by a number of large companies
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a locksmith?

A locksmith is someone who resolves all sorts of lock problems. These problems vary from having a broken lock to the necessity of installing new security items to one’s house. These cases can originate from incidents such as forcefully unlocking the door, an attempted burglary at one’s house or just the need to feel extra safe in one’s own house. A locksmith is capable of taking care of these concerns, which will result in providing you with safety and security. Do you need help from someone who has a lot of experience handling lock problems? I would then advise you to contact us as soon as possible.

Is a locksmith able to unlock a deadbolt?

It varies with every different type of lock. With some locks it is possible and with other types of locks it is impractical. However, generally, locks are opened or picked with little effort. Certain locks that provide additional security to properties that include a dead bolt are not that easy to unlock, and in most cases, these types of locks need to be completely removed from the door.

Do you also repair damaged car keys?

We can help you in case your car key won’t turn in the ignition or when you are in need of a car key repair. We offer many different auto locksmith services as well. Our auto locksmith services include car key repairs and provision of replacements keys.

What kind of key cutting services do you offer?

We are able to cut or copy keys for cars. Contact us for any information you would like to get from us on our key cutting services. We will be happy to assist you.

How much do you charge for locksmith call outs?

We want our customers to rely on us in times of emergency and not to scare them off with high prices for our services. That is why we offer low-cost emergency locksmith services that are fair and honest. Our clients will never be overcharged. So don’t hesitate to give us a call in times of emergency. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Do you offer domestic and commercial security services?

Yes, we offer all kinds of locksmith services to domestic as well as commercial clients.

Is it better to replace my keys when they are lost?

We believe that that is the right thing to do. When your keys get lost, you will never be sure that you will find them back. They could also fall into the wrong hands. Even if there is a very tiny chance of that happening, at least you will never have a single thought of people breaking into your home.

What to do when the key breaks off inside the lock?

When your key breaks inside the lock, all you want to do is to do everything you can to get back inside your house. One way to do that would be to attempt to get the other piece of the key out of the lock by yourself. We strongly advise you not to do that though, otherwise there is a great chance of damaging the lock even more. Another important reason is to keep the other piece of the key that is in the lock intact so that the locksmith can find and fix the problem as soon as possible.

Do you offer 24/7 emergency locksmith services?

Yes, we have a round-the-clock service, which means we work 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

What types of services regarding lock problems do you provide?

We offer a great number of locksmith services such as lock repair, lock replacement, locking, lockout services, key cutting (for cars only), burglary repairs and much more. We can assist you in many ways with regards to your lock problem. We will always find a solution to your problem. Feel free to get in touch with us.

How much do you charge for your locksmith services?

All of our locksmith services are charged differently. Whether you contact us to repair your lock or to make copies of your car keys, we will make sure you will get an honest and a reasonable price for our service.

Why choose us to solve your lock problem?

We can offer you with various locksmith services at any time of the day. Our team of professional and experienced locksmiths is always ready to provide you with high-quality work and effective solutions. There is not a singular lock problem we can’t resolve. So don’t hesitate to contact us!

Reviews of our clients
Edward Bond
Opening the safe in the office
It was just a gradual development over the years. Last year was "All You Need Is Love." This year it's "Give Peace a Chance." Remember love. If you want to get peace, you can get it as soon as you like if we all pull together.
David Potts
Car door opening
A huge thanks to your locksmith for solving my emergency. In the February frost in the evening I could not open the car, the master arrived promptly and opened the lock without damage.
Mia Leonard
Opening the apartment
You just saved me when I couldn't get into my apartment! The master arrived quickly, opened the broken lock, put in a new one from a wide range of locks and made several duplicate keys with me. I can be sure that only I have them.
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